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Thank you for participating!
This program is open to those in the electrical industry who are 34 years old or younger as of midnight April 3,  2020.

  • Nominees will be judged on: 


  1. Dedication to career
  2. Training completed
  3. Leadership and people skills
  4. Work/life balance

 (Because internet connections can drop when you least expect it, we recommended that you review the form below, address each area in a separate document, then come back and copy/paste your responses into the appropriate boxes!)


  • Nominations will be accepted from March 9 through April 3, 2020. All nominations  must be submitted via this electronic entry system.
  • You many not nominate yourself. 
  • You can nominate more than one person—however, you must complete and submit one nomination at a time.
  • There is no charge for submission.
  • Those selected (both the nominees and nominators) will be contacted after judging ends (in mid-April).
  • Fill out and submit the form below. We highly recommend that you prepare each in advance, then copy/past into the submission form. Find answers to frequently asked questions at tedmag.com/30Under35. 
  • If you need further instruction or have additional questions, feel free to email Misty Byers, tED editor, at mbyers@naed.org.


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